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    Dongguan is located in the middle south of Guangdong province, China, its north is Guangzhou, the south is Shenzhen, it has 47 sea miles from Hong Kong and 48 sea miles from Macao, it is in the middle of Suigang economic aisle and the hinge of Guangzhou and Hong Kong. After the reform and opening up policy, Dongguan keeps innovating and developing, and now it has become the world famous processing city, the garment, toy, electric, shoes, textile, hardware and mould etc industries gain large proportions in international manufacture.
    Furniture is one of Dongguan’s the most important industries. Dongguan furniture industry sprouted in the 70s to 80s in the 20th century, flourished in the latter of 80s and the 90s. At that time, the Lacquer Craft Mfg.Co., Ltd. and Fortune Furniture Co., Ltd etc Taiwanese and Hong Kong enterprises settled in Dongguan, then developed, eventually drove Dongguan’s private run enterprises and the whole furniture industry. Nowadays, Dongguan is the important furniture manufacture basement in China and in the world, and it has formed a strong industry colony. There are over three thousand furniture and chain enterprise which including Lacquer Craft Mfg.Co., Ltd., Fortune Furniture Co., Ltd, Stylution Int’l Corp., Dongguan GuangRun Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Fubao Sofa Manufacturing Co., Ltd., among of which, the export is 40% and the domestic sales is 60%. It has ‘the No.1 Chinese Furniture Export Town’ and ‘Chinese Furniture Export Important Town’ Dalingshan Town, the ‘Town of Chinese Furniture’ and ‘Famous Chinese Exhibition Town’ Houjie Town, the big timber trade markets ‘Jilong Timber Market’ and ‘Xingye Timber Market’. The ‘International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan)’ that holds in March and September annually brings in domestic and international furniture enterprises and purchasers to Dongguan. Accordingly, Dongguan furniture total production values in 2006 was 1/5 of the national total production value, and the export volume was 1/4 of the national output.

    Dongguan Furniture Association was established in December 1996 under the leading of China Council for Promotion of International Trade of Dongguan, which is an independent nonprofit social entity that has corporation certified.
Takes ‘serve enterprises, serve the industry and serve the society’ as the motto, the association holds many activities such as exhibition, research, training, meeting and media etc. It plays an hinge function on helping enterprises exploring domestic and international market, establishing brands strategy, coping with trade friction, improving manufacture, sales and management levels, promoting communication between enterprises and relate organizations and improving Dongguan furniture enterprises’ congregation forces and competitive power.
    The association used to sponsor ‘The First International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan)’, lead enterprises go to Wuhan and Hefei etc areas to set up ‘Dongguan Furniture Exhibition and Sales Centre’, organize the team to participate international furniture exhibitions in Middle East and Guangzhou etc, go to America, Italy and Russia to purchase the timber, research the furniture market, hold the ‘China-Denmark Furniture Purchase Discussion’, make ‘Knowledge Property Act of Dongguan Furniture Association and issue Dongguan Furniture etc. After ten years of exploration and development, the association is mature and more members join in, it accumulates the elite enterprises from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Dongguan that covers furniture, board, hardware, housing setoff, paint and circulation etc ?areas and the services are eventually innovating, expanding and consummating.
    Look forwards to the future, the association will solidify the member enterprises and endeavor to the flourish of furniture industry together with every member.



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